Report of the Secretary-General’s Internal Review Panel on UN Action in Sri Lanka

The 2012 Independent Review Panel Report on UN’s Sri Lanka Response highlighted inadequate contextual analysis, little investment in local capacities, and lack of strategic orientation towards protection outcomes

Situation Monitoring & Adaptation

The Results-Based Protection Program continues to explore key components in current practice to better adjust and refine the approach and guidance needed to support both program and situation monitoring of a response.

Historical + Cultural + Contextual Analysis*

What does it mean to do a historical, Cultural, and Contextual analysis to understand the threat, vulnerability, and capacity? InterAction aims to respond to this question noting why it is necessary and how it can be done.

Syria Needs Analysis Project

The Syria Needs Analysis Project (SNAP) started in December 2012, as a collaborative project between ACAPS and MapAction, aimed at bring together available information on humanitarian needs in the Syria crisis.

Local to Global Protection

Local to Global Protection works to change the humanitarian system, pushing for meaningful localisation through documenting and promoting local perspectives and responses to protection in major humanitarian crises.

Community Child Protection Exchange Forum

The Exchange is a communications and learning initiative which collects, shares and promotes evidence and learning for stronger community engagement and ownership of child protection.