Results-Based Protection Cheat Sheet: Key Terms & Concepts

Date Published: September 22, 2022 Author: InterAction
Photo of Results-Based Protection Cheat Sheet: Key Terms & Concepts

Earlier this year, InterAction’s Protection team began a process of redesigning its reference handouts and how it presents material to the public. In collaboration with a design team, they were able to produce an updated visual representation of the Results-Based Protection Cheat Sheet: Key Terms & Concepts. This two-page document provides direct and quick guidance to taking a results-based protection (RBP) approach to protection analysis.

The cheat sheet also explains what the three key elements are to achieve a protection outcome. These include: “(1) continuous, context-specific protection analysis, (2) multidisciplinary strategies, and (3) using outcome-oriented methods.” The handout provides a clear and precise definition of protection and gives examples of what is meant by violence, coercion, and deliberate deprivation. The second page of the cheat sheet lays out the risk equation and defines each of the three main elements that contribute to risk. Additionally, it defines common terms used when discussing results-based protection including: reduced risk, risk patterns, and causal pathways.

Title of File Language
Hoja de referencia de protección basada en resultados: términos y conceptos clave Spanish Download
Aide-mémoire sur la protection basée sur les résultats : termes et concepts clés French Download


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