Podcast: How (and Why) is USAID Learning?

This USAID Learning Lab podcast focuses on the learning component of Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) at the project and organizational levels.

Podcast: Adapting for Better Development Results

This podcast focuses on the adaptation component of CLA at the project and organizational levels. The first segment of the episode follows a program focused on the capacity building of local staff. The second segment focused on how processes and ensuring feedback loops can facilitate adaptation. The final segment follows a resilience project in the Sahel that intentionally planned adaptive activities from the outset of the project

Podcast: From the Inside Out, A New Podcast Series from USAID Learning Lab

The USAID Learning Lab is taking the conversation on CLA further with a new podcast series — From the Inside Out: Achieving Better Development Outcomes through Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting. This series is designed to empower staff and partners with evidence, resources, and tips to help practitioners build upon their CLA savviness and incorporate good CLA practice into their work.