Training Pack: Responsible Data Management

Date Published: August 21, 2017 Author: Oxfam, Hastie, R. and O’Donnell, A.
Photo of Training Pack: Responsible Data Management

With respect to developing outcome-oriented methods in service of reducing risk in crisis environments, new technologies are enabling faster data collection which can help organizations and the protection community better understand the changing needs and behaviors of affected people; however, these new technologies also present additional challenges — whereby affected populations may be exposed to security and privacy risks. This interactive training pack from Oxfam provides guidance for those handling, sharing, or accessing program data to ensure data is managed responsibly throughout the data lifecycle.

While much focus is being placed on international laws, policies, and standards of data protection and data security,  policy alone is not enough.  This training pack recognizes the need to practice responsible data management (RDM), and in many cases, change our organizational culture, individual attitudes, and behavior as to how we handle data.

RDM is about treating the data that we collect with respect, and upholding the rights and dignities of respondents providing the information. Managing data responsibly can enhance and bring about meaningful contribution to achieving collective outcomes.


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