the Philippines

Preparing the ground for better dialogue, better information, better action: learning from preparedness

his report distills the good practice and learning gleaned from the 3-years of implementation in Bangladesh, South Sudan, and the Philippines, on methods for engaging communities and collaborative platforms for working toward this end.

Event/ Webinar: Resisting War: How Communities Protect Themselves

n October 2, the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) convened a panel discussion on the new research within Oliver Kaplan’s book, Resisting War, exploring how communities use cohesion and social structures to non-violently influence armed groups. It explores how organization of civilians can implement nonviolent strategies to pressure government troops, or paramilitary or insurgent fighters to limit violence, through cases from Colombia, with extensions to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and the Philippines, Kaplan’s research shows in some cases, where communities are more organized, there is a 25% regression in violence.