Sierra Leone

Why Learning from Failure is Key to Anticipating Humanitarian Crises

In efforts to cultivate an environment for iterative learning and move us away from “success” and “failure” thinking, the Start Network reflects on recent cases under the Network’s Crisis Anticipation Window, which illuminated valuable lessons in terms of analysis, adaptation, and risk.

ADAPTing Aid: Lessons from six case studies

This report, a collaborative initiative from the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Mercy Corps, explores what adaptive management looks like in practice, what impact it can have on programs, and how to best support this approach.

Bottom-up approaches to strengthening child protection systems: Placing children, families, and communities at the center

This article examines an alternative approach of community-driven, bottom-up work that enables
nonformal–formal collaboration and alignment, greater use of formal services, internally driven social change, and high levels of community ownership.