Building Trust Through Participation

What is needed to move beyond consulting and listening to people affected by crises to ensure their representation and influence in decision-making forums? Learn from the International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP) as it explores how we can collectively build greater trust in our responses through genuine participation in decision-making processes.

The Logic of Protection Approaches: Four Models to Safeguard Civilians from Harm

In June 2022, the Global Public Policy Institute published a report, “The Logic of Protection Approaches: Four Models to Safeguard Civilians from Harm,” which examined the treatment of civilians by armed actors. The report provides four protection-based approaches to influence how armed actors interact with civilians and the community. Each section is broken down to explain the logic behind the approach, the impact it can have on the armed actors’ behaviors, and how the approach can backfire. The four approaches discussed are (1) “naming and shaming” armed actors (2) mobilizing influencers (3) capacitating communities and (4) training armed actors.

Scenario Building in Preparation for or During Humanitarian Crises

While there are many approaches to conducting an analysis of possible futures, this document outlines an example of one step-by-step approach of how to build scenarios, which can be applied to a range of contexts and timeframes, from a protracted conflict to a sudden onset disaster. It articulates 9 steps within the chain of plausibility, and showcases an example from an ACAPS’ scenario building exercise in Nigeria.

RBP Mission to Nigeria ToR – November/December 2019

This trip is meant to build on the previous missions and will focus on the challenges of protection analysis and decision-making in an increasingly complex context. This mission supports the field-level component of InterAction’s SIDA-funded project, Strengthening Ways of Working for Protection Outcomes.

RBP Field Support: ToR for Nigeria mission June-July 2019

This trip aims to understand from NGOs on the ground what their most urgent priorities are and to strengthen collective strategies to address them.

Getting Practical with Prevention: What does it take to reduce risk?

Between June and August of 2020, InterAction held a virtual practitioners’ roundtable, a series of five online sessions titled Getting Practical with Prevention: What does it take to reduce risk?

“Motivations and Empty Promises” Voices of Former Boko Haram Combatants and Nigerian Youth

This research conducted by Mercy Corps in Nigeria explores the vulnerabilities and protective strategies among youth who were recruited into Boko Haram and those who resisted recruitment efforts.

Protection Strategy Webinar Series

Throughout May and June 2015, the InterAction Results-Based Protection Program carried out several interviews, hosted an online discussion forum, and held a series of webinars with guest speakers on the development of protection strategies across different contexts.