From Participation to Leadership: A resource pack on community-based protection

Oxfam alongside its partner organizations has developed a resource pack on community-based protection (CBP) titled, ‘From Participation to Leadership.’ The goal of the resource is to provide guidance on the implementation of CBP across a full program cycle and to share experiences directly from protection organizations and members of community protection structures from organizations around the world.

Preparing the ground for better dialogue, better information, better action: learning from preparedness

his report distills the good practice and learning gleaned from the 3-years of implementation in Bangladesh, South Sudan, and the Philippines, on methods for engaging communities and collaborative platforms for working toward this end.

Webinar: Language in Protective Humanitarian Action: Practical lessons from Myanmar/Bangladesh and Northeast Nigeria

This webinar discussion aimed to explore the implications of multilingual communication in protective humanitarian action. The webinar engaged Translators without Borders and several practitioners working in protection to discuss how the languages and formats of communication can impact affected populations. Drawing on case examples from forced displacement situations in Northeast Nigeria and Myanmar/Bangladesh, the discussion explored steps humanitarian actors can take to improve effective two-way communication