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Resource: Professional Standards for Protection Work (3rd Edition)

May 31, 2018

The Professional Standards for Protection Work (third edition) has been published and was launched in March 2018. These encompass a set of minimum but essential standards for ensuring protection work is safe and effective, reflecting shared thinking and agreed Standards among humanitarian and human rights practitioners. The third edition is …

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Document: How to use social media to engage with people affected by crisis

December 6, 2017

Document: How to use social media to engage with people affected by crisis ICRC, 11 October 2017 Provided the sustained relevance of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for information exchange during humanitarian emergencies and the opportunities therein to engage those closest to the crisis, the International Committee of the …

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Implementing the IASC Protection Policy: Key Resources

August 23, 2017

The Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Protection Policy was endorsed by the IASC Principals in October 2016. The Policy outlines the overarching framework for how humanitarian actors can fulfill their responsibility to place protection at the center of all aspects of humanitarian action, spelling out core principles, approaches, roles, and responsibilities …

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Working Paper: Changing Humanitarian Action?

May 26, 2017

ALNAP, Paul Knox Clarke, February 2017 This working paper, prepared in advance of the Annual ALNAP meeting in Sweden, primarily attempts to reassess the assumptions of how ‘change initiatives’ actually transform the humanitarian ‘system’, seeking to clarify both how change happens and how change can be supported. The most relevant …

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ToR: InterAction Missions to Myanmar

April 17, 2017

In early 2017, InterAction completed two complementary missions in support of humanitarian NGOs’ protection strategies in Myanmar. The first focused on NGO roles in relation to the overall protection leadership, coordination, and strategies, while the second focused on critical methods and approaches NGOs can use to achieve protection outcomes. InterAction …

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