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Article: Every Practitioner a “Knowledge Worker”: Promoting Evaluative Thinking to Enhance Learning and Adaptive Management in International Development

May 31, 2018

  This article promotes practitioners’ evaluative thinking to foster more complexity‐aware monitoring and evaluation for learning and adaptive management in complex and dynamic settings. Instead of simply carrying out activities based on predetermined plans or checklists, practitioners can be ‘knowledge workers’ who use evaluative thinking to promote collaboration, learning, and …

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Tool: Facilitating Intentional Group Learning: A Practical Guide to 21 Activities

March 23, 2018

To develop an organizational culture that supports iterative reflection and learning, individuals need opportunities to share data, insights, and experiences with others. The way that learning and reflection sessions are designed and implemented can enable or inhibit the meaningful sharing of ideas and collective problem-solving. From quick informal 20-minute activities …

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Blog: Leading with Trust: A Development Pathway

January 26, 2018

Strategic and intentional collaboration among actors across and outside of the humanitarian sphere, based on an understanding of actors’ capacities and leverage points, is vital to achieving collective protection outcomes. Collaboration between stakeholders requires a level of trust between actors and individuals, which can be challenging to forge in the …

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Video: How can we change humanitarian action?

December 6, 2017

This video focuses on the processes that make change happen in the humanitarian system, summarizing the ideas explored in ALNAP’s new study ‘Transforming Change’. In exploring how change can be catalyzed, this video captures several relevant aspects of results-based protection. “What if the humanitarian system is less like a machine …

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