Resource: Professional Standards for Protection Work (3rd Edition)

Publication Date:
March 2018

The Professional Standards for Protection Work (third edition) has been published and was launched in March 2018. These encompass a set of minimum but essential standards for ensuring protection work is safe and effective, reflecting shared thinking and agreed Standards among humanitarian and human rights practitioners.

The third edition is responsive to changes that have occurred in the environment in which protection actors operate. For example, comprehensive guidelines on protection information management have been incorporated in Chapter 6 ‘Managing data and information for protection outcomes’ which speak to the rapid developments in information communication technology and concurrent growth in data-protection law. The Standards additionally provide a stronger emphasis on protection outcomes, based on disaggregation of risk and articulation of a causal logic, and on monitoring and evaluation. The chapter on ‘Managing protection strategies’, in particular, features significant elaboration of results-based methods emphasizing iterative learning and evaluation to ensure accountability for the actions taken to address protection concerns and incorporating lessons into future action.  Finally, the standards reflect a Design for Contribution mindset, recognizing that it often takes actors with different backgrounds and expertise to achieve protection outcomes.

For more information, download the Standards here, and check out the video made for the Launch of the Professional Standards for Protection Work.