Measuring Protection Outcomes: Emerging Efforts and New Opportunities


How do you stop or prevent violence in humanitarian crises? How do you know if your actions have reduced protection risk? Why is it so difficult to program for and to measure risk reduction?

In recent years, there has been a gradual shift in how the humanitarian community thinks about these questions. We know that to achieve protection outcomes, we must become better at measuring them. Although we’ve made progress, the humanitarian community continues to debate the best way to improve the measurement of outcomes. Organizations continue to insist that more effective measurement is necessary if we are to achieve protection outcomes and if we are to strengthen how we address protection issues in humanitarian action.

Noting this, InterAction is excited to release its 2021 Annual Results-Based Protection Briefing Paper titled, ‘Measuring Protection Outcomes; Emerging Efforts and New Opportunities.’

This paper summarizes perspectives, experiences, and good practices from technical experts, donors, academics, policymakers, and field practitioners who worked with InterAction on Results-Based Protection (RBP) over the last year. It reflects efforts to develop a gender-based violence prevention evaluation framework (GBV PEF), and an RBP Practitioners’ Roundtable that brought together practitioners from Nigeria and Iraq to discuss designing for protection outcomes. It also includes ongoing work and conversations with NGOs and donors.