ICRC-Led Initiative on Humanitarian Negotiations


ICRC NegotiationsThe ICRC is leading an initiative to enhance informal exchanges and peer coaching among humanitarian professionals engaged in negotiations and mediations in situations of armed conflict and other situations of violence. The forthcoming Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiations will serve as a central hub for partners’ efforts to strengthen the capacity of humanitarian professionals to engage effectively in negotiation and mediation processes. The initiative links in particular to outcome-oriented methods, a key element of results-based protection. ICRC negotiators and other humanitarian actors who engage in negotiation and mediation on the frontlines of humanitarian action utilize a variety of methods, which are context-specific, and often confidential and personality-based. This initiative endeavors to capture the diversity of current and historical methods for negotiation to inform current practice.

For more information on negotiation see the Briefing Note: Understanding Humanitarian Negotiation: Five Analytical Approaches