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  1. Partnerships and Principles in Conflict Contexts
  2. Survivor and Community Led Crisis Response: Practical Experience and Learning
  3. Measuring Protection Outcomes: Emerging Efforts and New Opportunities
  4. Self-Protection: Centering Humanitarian Protection Programs on the Efforts of Local Communities
  5. The Impact of Cash Assistance Programs on Protection Outcomes for Syrian Refugees
  6. IRC-DRC Prevention Analytical Framework (PAF): An Introduction
  7. MindShift: A Collection of Examples that Promote Protection Outcomes
  8. Independent Evaluation of InterAction’s Results-Based Protection Program
  9. WeWorld-GVC’s Community Protection Approach – An example of analysis tools that provide a basis for multi-disciplinary strategies to reduce risk
  10. Context-Specific Protection Analysis: How UNFPA Regional Syria Hub and the Whole of Syria GBV AoR embraced streamlined approaches to improve the gathering of GBV data to inform the humanitarian response in Syria