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  1. Measuring Protection Outcomes: Emerging Efforts and New Opportunities
  2. Self-Protection: Centering Humanitarian Protection Programs on the Efforts of Local Communities
  3. The Impact of Cash Assistance Programs on Protection Outcomes for Syrian Refugees
  4. IRC-DRC Prevention Analytical Framework (PAF): An Introduction
  5. MindShift: A Collection of Examples that Promote Protection Outcomes
  6. Independent Evaluation of InterAction’s Results-Based Protection Program
  7. WeWorld-GVC’s Community Protection Approach – An example of analysis tools that provide a basis for multi-disciplinary strategies to reduce risk
  8. Context-Specific Protection Analysis: How UNFPA Regional Syria Hub and the Whole of Syria GBV AoR embraced streamlined approaches to improve the gathering of GBV data to inform the humanitarian response in Syria
  9. Addressing Eviction Experienced by Refugees and Asylum Seekers: How the International Rescue Committee in Italy adapted a two-way information platform to contribute to protection outcomes
  10. Focus Groups, Prioritization, and a Rapid Protection Analysis: A snapshot of how the Danish Refugee Council in Iraq has adopted results-based approaches in an effort to adapt common practices in support of protection outcomes