Framing CLA: Openness in Uganda

USAID Learning Lab, Melaku Yirga, Amy Leo
Publication Date:
October 2016

This case example provides insight into how Mercy Corps, Uganda implements collaboration, learning, and adaptation in practice. In particular, the blog focuses on Openness, a subcomponent of the CLA matrix.

In this example, learning and adaptation are made possible through an investment in building a collaborative, inquisitive team and promoting a culture of open communication:

  • Leadership modeled coaching and mentoring approaches, which are reinforced by a culture of open communication and exchange.
  • The culture of open communication and exchange built trust, helped team members feel valued, improved information sharing, and supported program shifts – particularly in grounding decisions with important information that is often only in people’s heads or shared anecdotally.
  • This approach was intentional on the part of Mercy Corps country and program leadership in finding and fostering inquisitive candidates, and modelling open behaviors (including an openness for critiques, accessibility, and maintaining less hierarchical structure); additionally Mercy Corps’ approach as a global learning organization puts emphasis on applying adaptive management principles across contexts

The full blog post with Melaku Yirga, Director of Programs, Mercy Corps, Uganda is available here: